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Get Your Voice Heard

Share your views and book your next flight for less.

What is Surveys for CashPoints?

Who are we? Your ticket to money off your next holiday. Surveys for CashPoints is a market research panel, exclusively for Norwegian Reward members to share their points of view. As a member, you'll participate in online surveys, earning CashPoints for every one you complete.

You respond, we reward

Surveys for CashPoints could be your best way to earn CashPoints. Here’s why:

- It’s free – there’s no cost to enrol and it stays that way, forever

- It’s easy – our studies are always straightforward and stress-free

- It’s fun – share your opinion on top brands, trending topics and more

What is market research?

Put simply, market research is a way for service providers to find out what their customers think. They create online questionnaires, known as surveys, and ask your opinions on their service, products and advertising. This provides these organisations with direct, valuable feedback and gives you the opportunity influence the future of the brands you know and love.

How do surveys work?

Answer questions, earn CashPoints - it's as simple as that. Once you've enroled, you'll start to receive emails inviting you to take surveys.

Each survey will vary by topic, length and number of CashPoints awarded for completion. When you have answered all questions in a study, you'll receive the amount of CashPoints quoted in your invitation, credited to your Norwegian Reward account within 28 days, and even if you don’t qualify for a survey or we have already reached the number of responses we needed, you will receive an entry into our biannual prize draw for a chance to win 2,000 CashPoints.

Participation is always voluntary and you are free to complete as many or as few surveys as you like. Just remember, the more surveys you take, the more CashPoints you earn!

Please note, surveys are created and distributed by Dynata. Norwegian will not have access to your responses.

Discover Surveys for CashPoints

To find out more about the panel experience, simply take a look at our FAQs Privacy Policy  and  Terms and Conditions , and feel free to  get in touch .